A great Multiplayer. A must have for all DS owners.

User Rating: 9 | Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS
Advance Wars Dual Strike is a great multiplayer game. This appeals to me on all levels. For example you can choose your CO also you can have two COs and once both of their power levels are at max you can perform a dual strike when you get two days with each COs mega power.
Story line:The story line in this game is a bit bland but you soon understand it. You are in a new land when the Black Hole start to attack. You have to fight are series of battles to win the campaign. The Black Hole have a new weapon. The Dual Strike. This is were the name comes from(as you can guess).
Game play:There is no secret weapon to beating the Dual Strike. It takes pure skill to counter it. It also take pure skill to get your power level up to it(the Black hole make it look easy). There is also free play where you can choose your enemies, the landscape and your CO.
Graphics:The graphics are good with no glitches as far as I know. The fighting part could be improved.
In conclusion this is a great turn based multiplayer game. I would recommend this game to all DS owners.