Boring....The kind of game you play once in a while...

User Rating: 7 | Advance Wars: Days of Ruin DS
Playing Days of Ruin is the kind of game I liked to play only once in a while. Although, I had fun for the first time I realized that this game gets too old. It's lacking a lot of features what made Dual Strike a fun game to play. So here's my score tally:

Story: 20 points.
They finally did right this time. No more lame story. It's dark and it's serious. It captures the harsh realities of strife *evil laugh* .

Gameplay: 30 points
One noticable thing is the AI. It's a big improvement and makes the game a little bit hard. There's new additional units as well as old ones. They made some balance changes on the unit's stats. It shows how attentive IS is to there game. Nice. It deserves to be noticed.

Replayability: 20 points
After campaign, there's only free battle and multiplay and that's about it. There's the map editor which let's you create and save more maps than ever before. So it's another plus. But still it's lacking a lot of things. It could need a little bit of improvement.

All in all, It's not necessarily a disappointment for me but still I believe that Intelligent System could've made this a better game, just a little bit more.