User Rating: 9 | Advance Wars: Days of Ruin DS
I want More. :-p I can't get enough of Advance Wars. This game is simply great, no matter how you play. If you want to run the story, go ahead. If you want to just play a single map, go ahead, there is over 100 to play on. Plus, if you want, just make your own maps to play on. This game is great.
Having said that, I wish that they kept the old Characters, and not put new ones in. The story is good, and more dark than before, but some stupied things happen in the story to make it light hearted, and plan dumb. (Flowers). The slap happy feel of a war, was alot of the charm in the old games, and this new darker story mode is not really what the series was known for. Still, its a fun game to play. The units as always are well balanced, and the game can be VERY hard at times, making the first build up of your forces very important. Nothing really to say about this game, I would give it a higher rateing than an 8 by gamespot, but it does not get the normal 10's that the game has been getting. Just switching the characters out for new ones, kind of made it different. Which is a good thing, but also can be a bad thing.