Better than they say...

User Rating: 8 | Advance Guardian Heroes GBA
This is the long awaited "sequal" to the original Treasure classic "Guardian Heroes". Perhaps this game didn't live up the hype, but "Advance Guardian Heroes" is worthy of your time. This is a side-scrolling beat 'em up, but a well made one at that, and in a time where beat 'em ups were unpopular ages ago. There are many different characters who (for the most part) all have their own set of moves and attacks. Many different unlockables are available, and you will play through this several times before putting it away. Maybe the best new feature to AGH is the parry ability, which plays a big role in survival and fun. Pressing R at the correct time repels attacks and stuns melee attackers, at the same time of adding to your magic bar. The battles are very difficult especially in the higher difficulty levels (I doubt I'll ever beat the hardest mode at the rate I've been smacked around), and parrying is the only way to continue.

There are many different modes and characters to play around with, and you will definately have many hours of entertainment. AGH is not nearly as bad as the critics may say, and it's especially fun if you're a difficulty junky. I give it my recommendation.