The best Golf game on Playstation

User Rating: 8 | Actua Golf 3 PS
I could see there was no rewiew on this game and that is a big shame, because this game was for many years ago the reasen why I am interested i Golf today.
In the beginning the game can be very irritaiting especially for golf beginners,
it seems very hopeless to get a eagle or a hole in one.
But after a few hours you will understand how you shall play if you want to win.
The Grapfic is okey for a PSX and the Replays is soo fantastic you will watch them many times.
The sound is good too because the Commentary talk like a real specialist, there are also sounds of birds and many other nature sounds.
There is so many good reasen to recommend this game to people there take Golf serious, it is a unique realistic game with many hours of gameplay.
In 2009 there are still potiential in this one, but only if you give it a chance and try to learn how you shall play...maybe the game is too realistic for many
and they will give up after 20 minuttes...but if you like difficult games where gameplay is more importent than grafpic and will love this game.