Before Black and White.. this is how we got our God on!

User Rating: 8.3 | Actraiser SNES
Basically the games consists of two type of gameplay strategy where you play as an angel shooting arrows to kill demons, performing tasks for the villagers and hack and slash where you as God himself kick demon butt using your sword and magic.
The strategy works by first you choose a location to start on there will be a few demons and a temple you kill the demons which gives you more people you then direct the growth of the people towards the demons so they can seal them then the people will eventually uncover some sort of evil and you as God have to go down and finish the job!
The hack and slash is pretty much self explanatory there is some light platforming in the levels and enemies are thrown at you but you never feel overwhelmed by them as your guy seems just powerful enough to take anyone down.

Graphically the game is quite stunning for the SNES the enemies all have different designs and the levels range from a desert to snowy mountains. Judging graphics for older games is hard as you have to try and put yourself back into the time it was released. Basically it’s like a quite high end GBA game.

The Audio in this game is great from the noises the demons make down to the music. The music is just what you expect from a enix game it’s really quite epic and they have memorable tunes you'll be humming to for some time.

Well if you’re a collector you’re definitely going to want and track this game down it’s a classic and something of a rarity. Plus there is some replay value to it experimenting with the development of people but only slightly as that aspect of the game isn’t very deep.

Overall anyone who is a fan of hack and slash games will definitely want to check this out as it mixes in strategy elements quite well, plus collectors are going to want to add this game to fill the void in their collection.
This is one game to look out for on the Wii!