Mind-numbingly boring. What else is there to say?

User Rating: 2 | Action Fighter SMS
No prizes for guessing what game this game was inspired by. Even though I’ve never played the legendary Spyhunter I know enough about what its like to know this game ripped it off. Even so, Action Fighter is still a novel game.

Action Fighter is a top down shooter, where you start off as a motorcycle and drive up the screen shooting bad guys in sinister black cars, and also for some reason ambulances. It can be really hard since bumping anything will kill you since you’re just on a bike or send you careening into the side of the road to die. This can happen again and again before you can even get going, which can get very annoying.

You can also drive into a Sega truck that comes from time to time and upgrade your weapon to a rocket launcher, or double guns of you’re a bike. Annoyingly when the Sega truck appears the screen must for some reason be empty, so all the other cars on the screen suddenly move really fast to get off the screen often ramming you with their cheap speed boost. The main aim is to try to collect letters that come randomly drifting down the screen. When you collect the letters up to D, your motorcycle transforms into a car which makes it much easier to survive as you can ram enemies off the road and you have dual guns. Besides that not much changes. When you collect a bunch more letters your car is fitted with wings and you take to the sky as the game transforms into a typical vertical scrolling shoot em up with formations of enemies attacking you and you eventfully running into a huge boss to kill, Id assume. I don’t know for sure because I didn’t bother getting to the end of this snooze fest. Its is way too hard on the ground because the slightest bump kills you, the music is mind numbing repetitive and boring and the backgrounds are terrible repeating houses and buildings. All up this is a mindless and annoying game that doesn’t warrant any more GS server space to fit this review. Just don’t bother with it.