A pretty tough and unforgiving game makes this more than frustrating.

User Rating: 5 | Action Fighter SMS
If you're looking for a game with cars, guns and explosions in a high-paced frenetic frenzy, then this game is still probably not the game for you.

Action Fighter doesn't really have much of a story. You start the game off as a non-descript person, probably a guy, who has the special driving abilities so you drive a motorcycle. Then you can upgrade up into a car, which also gives you the ability to shoot 2 bullets at once. Some levels also allow you to play as a hovercraft or a flying car. You still have weapons but the bosses are so difficult, it's so irritating. When you die, you lose your missles and go back to the pellets for a weapon. There's not a lot of powerups so when you're playing, it can get boring especially with all the same enemies. You only get one hit before you die and there's not a lot of waypoints. You also can't save the game so prepare to get to the 2nd level and then die just so you can start the game again. Does it seem strange to anyone that you are driving on the road and bumping into cars and shooting vans and bikes for no particular reason? I really think this game can be fun if you want mindless mayhem but other than that, don't waste your time.