Ace of Spades Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Destroy 1000 blocks of enemy bases in demolition mode using the drill gun All Your Base
    Survive to the end of a round of Zombie Apocalypse Later
    Cause 500 blocks of damage to the enemy base over multiple rounds Attack the Blocks
    Cause 100 blocks of damage to the enemy base in one round Block Party
    Intercept 5 bomb carriers and defend the bomb until it detonates early. Bomb Disposal Expert
    Be the final player to plant a bomb successfully, and then win the round. Bomb the Base
    Drop a bomb in the enemy base and survive Bombs Away!
    Kill 5 zombies while hiding in the basement Brain Drain
    Take out 50 enemy players while they are in an active hill Butte Hurt
    Destroy 100 blocks by evading an enemy turret Collateral Damage
    Take control of 10 contested hills Cubic Heir
    Playing as a zombie, make an enemy player fall to their death Dead Drop
    Kill an enemy with a grenade thrown while flying Death from Above
    Destroy the large bell at the top of Big Ben Death Toll
    Pick up a diamond within 5 seconds of it spawning, and make it to a dropoff point without dropping it Diamond Geezer
    Kill 10 enemies with the spade Dig Deep
    Destroy the stone dragon Exit The Dragon
    Kill 5 zombies by shooting them in the face with the pistol Face Off
    Steal and drop off 5 diamonds found by the enemy team before they pick them up Feeling Flush
    Get five kills in a row without dying Five Alive
    Kill 10 enemies by placing dynamite below them then blowing out the floor Floored Genius
    Repair 100 blocks of damage to your base Fort Process
    Find and drop off 3 diamonds in one match Girl's Best Friend
    Run 21 kilometers Half Marathon
    3 kills with sniper rifle without missing a shot Hat Trick
    25 headshots with the sniper rifle Head Hunter
    10 headshots with the shotgun Heads You Win
    Demolish 5 structures of 100 or more blocks using a grenade Holey Hand Grenade
    Pick up a bomb from a spawn point and make it to the enemy base without dropping it Hotfoot
    Start the round as VIP, kill no enemy players, and survive anyway I am the passenger
    Kill an enemy while he uses a jetpack Jet Fighter
    Kill 10 enemies with the SMG while using the jetpack Jetpack Drive-by
    Intercept 10 diamonds carried by the enemy team and make it to a dropoff point King of Diamonds
    Destroy the monolith with the rocket launcher Kubrick Equation
    Kill 5 players with landmines placed on the ground and re-buried Landmine Craft
    Collect a full resupply of ammunition in one game Loaded
    Run 42 kilometers Marathon Man
    Take out 50 enemy players while you are in an active hill Mountain Casualties
    Destroy the nose of the Sphinx Nose Job
    Be the only player to score points from a hill before it vanishes One Man Army
    Melee kill an enemy while standing near the temple altar Personal Sacrifice
    In demolition mode, destroy all the pillars in the enemy building lobby Pillar Assault
    Be the final player to cause damage to the enemy base and win Put the Boot in
    Demolish a structure of 50 blocks or more using the minigun Riddle Me This
    Kill 20 enemies while using the jetpack Rocket Man
    Trigger 5 airstrikes and survive Shock and Awe
    Make someone fall to their death using rocket launcher knockback Splashback Cashback
    Start the round as a zombie, and wipe out the highest number of enemy players Stone Cold Killer
    Trigger an airstrike and survive without leaving the hill Strikebreaker
    Kill 10 enemies with the pickaxe Take Your Pick
    Kill 3 enemies with 1 explosion The Big Bang
    Start the round as VIP and kill the highest number of enemy players The Main Man
    Destroy the Terracotta Army The War on Terracotta
    Take out 3 survivors in 1 round Three of a Kind
    Retain control of 10 contested hills Tor Defence
    Playing as a zombie, demolish the mansion's towers Tower Offense
    Kill 10 enemies with 1 turret Turret Syndrome
    Repair 150 health in one game using health drops Well Heeled

    Contributed by: Guard Master