Solid arcade style air combat game. Good variety of missions and unlock-able planes.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception PSP
I bought this game discounted (but was still $30). New releases in my area usually sell for $40-45. I read the Gamespot and user reviews prior to purchasing. I was quite impressed with the game overall. Planes and terrains looked nice for PSP hardware. However, the game menus between missions looked really bland. There is quite a bit of replay value due to the number of unlock-able planes and each mission usually has a variant A, B or C. The game is quite challenging even on normal level. I was able to beat the game on 1 (destroy outdoor object) of 2 (destroy indoor object) endings. The 2nd ending requires some flying inside a cliffside base that was awkward. I kept on dying because I couldn't distinguish the walls from the ground/ceiling. The walls start moving around and there is so much going on - very confusing. There was no contrast between anything. There was also some noticeable slow down during the last mission (2nd ending).

Other than that, the game was solid. For gamers who encounter the 2nd ending on their first try through the game, they will be in for a lot of frustration. Overall it is a game I would recommend and most gamers will select the 1st ending by default anyway (on their first go through the game).