fly throught the sky in psp style

User Rating: 9 | Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception PSP
Ace combat X: skies of deception is the first and now only ace combat game for the psp. The graphics of this game is very beautiful, the planes look very realistic. And for a psp game its a lot like a ps2 game. You can upgrade your planes with body parts, new weapons and upgrade the engine and the flight ability. How further you get in the game the more planes you get. The storyline is a bit too short. There are a couple of 16 missions in the game but you can play them in different ways. You can for example first play mission 9 and then mission 10 or mission 13 then mission 14 and then again mission 13. the story takes plays on a island in the ocean. the neighbour island is token over the island and you are there last hope. The mission is to destroy all enemy aircraft's and take over the island. The missions that you unlock you can play in the free mission mode. There you can choose which mission you want to play. There is much positive about this game, the alone downside is that the storyline is too short.