Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Enhanced Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Unlock Ace Difficulty

    Ace Difficulty is a hidden difficulty mode. In Ace, health regeneration is removed, and enemies are stronger. To unlock, complete campaign mode in Elite Difficulty.

    Complete Campaign Mode on Elite Difficulty. Ace Difficulty

    Contributed by: JovianPat 

  2. Games for Windows Live Achievements

    Obtain an A rank for every mission (free mission). Ace of Aces (30)
    Use DFM to destroy 10 airborne enemies in competitive online. Aerial Sniper (20)
    Obtain all MVPs. All Rounder (30)
    Escape from a dangerous situation. Bail Out (20)
    Eliminate your enemies to open a path for your allies. Berserker (20)
    Fly a bomber and eliminate a large number of hostiles. Bomber Master (10)
    Used Trinity to wipe out the enemy (free mission). Calamity (10)
    Chase the enemy through a hurricane. Category 5 (20)
    Master the assault chain and take down hostiles one by one. Chain Master (20)
    Fly through the hotel gates. Checking In (10)
    Take down a hostile fighter with a charged homing missile. Critical Hit (25)
    Provide close-range aerial support to wipe out hostile ground forces. Defender of World Heritage (20)
    Defeat hostiles with all 3 of the gunship's weapons. Diverse Strikes (15)
    Successfully focus on 3 targets. Eagle Eye (20)
    Deal with an emergency situation. Emergency (20)
    Protect allied ground forces with the gunship's firepower. Fearsome Guardian (20)
    Pass through an explosion and destroy the enemy. Fire Hazard (20)
    Join the same DFM with two others and shoot down a hostile (mission co-op). Formation Attack (20)
    Perform a risky move to save your friend. Friendly Fire (20)
    Use ASM to destroy 30 ground enemies in competitive online. Ground Pounder (20)
    Thwart your enemy's plans and return alive. Guardian (20)
    Massacre hostiles as the door gunner. Gun Master (15)
    Destroy 5 hostile vehicles with helicopter gunfire. Guns Guns Guns (20)
    Wipe out hostile ground forces with ASM. Hard Strike (20)
    Defend the allied base. Hot Pit (20)
    Use an attack helicopter and destroy 10 missiles or bombs in competitive online. Interceptor (20)
    Use an attack helicopter to rescue the captured pilot. Life Saver (20)
    Fly beneath a falling chimney. Limbo (10)
    Use the standard machine gun to defeat an enemy. Machine Gun Faithful (10)
    Use DFM support or ASM support to join a flight member. Nice Assist (10)
    Shoot down many hostile players in competitive online. Nice Kill (30)
    Save an ally being targeted by hostile players in competitive online. Nice Save (10)
    Prevent the launch of ICBMs by infiltrating the enemy base in a stealth bomber. Nick of Time (20)
    Weave through a hostile fleet's defense and rescue the hostage. One Million Tons of Scrap Metal (20)
    Defend the capital. Patriot (20)
    Successfully pursue 3 enemies with counter maneuvers. Pursuit Master (20)
    Take down 5 hostiles with a direct shot. Shot Master (20)
    Protect allied transports from being shot down during landing. Smooth Flight (20)
    Eliminate the enemy threat to fighters as quickly as possible. Speed Demon (10)
    In a helicopter, obtain (zoom in) and destroy 10 enemies. Stay On Target (20)
    From a helicopter, support the special forces while they suppress hostile vessels. Steel Hunter (20)
    Take down 3 hostiles in a row with an assault chain. Successive Kill (20)
    Successfully switch from defense to offense 10 times with counter maneuvers. Switch Master (25)
    Pilot all of the aircraft in the game. The Collector (20)
    Eliminate all bombers and prevent the use of a weapon of mass destruction. Total Annihilation (20)
    Play for an extensive amount of time in competitive online or mission co-op. Veteran Pilot (20)
    Clear all missions. Warwolf 1 (50)
    Clear all levels in mission co-op. Warwolf Squadron (30)
    Clear 1 level in mission co-op. Welcome to Mission Co-Op (20)
    Play on all maps in competitive online. World Tour (30)

    Contributed by: Guard Master