An Immersive Experience

User Rating: 9 | Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown XONE

For me a good game is all about getting me hooked to it since the beginning. And then, of course, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end. This one definitely does that!

I've never played an airplanes game ever before, apart from the Flight Simulator series for the PC, so I was curious about how could an air combat game get my attention in regards to both graphics and control dynamics and both these factors surprised me quite a lot.

I must say that I was playing it on a first generation XBOX ONE and was a bit frightened as to if the console would be able to deal with the high pace of the game - it did, brilliantly!

So, you've got a game that's actually quite intuitive from the very beginning, with a graphics set worthy of a medal of honour and the sound also capturing you hostage to the whole experience. What else do you need? An evolution system with rewards to unlock and buy as you progress? Check! Increasing difficulty with awesome challenges that are both aviation and combat related? Check! An AI that puts up a good fight without leading to the "give up" despair? Check!

And I could go on but yes, you have it all here. Great game. Took me quite some time to finish the Campaign and I loved it.

Why not a perfect 10? Just because I think the rewards should be bigger during the Campaign in order for one to be able to try some new aircrafts without having to repeat missions to earn more money and the perks slots should also get bigger with time to be able to group more special parts at once.

Still, it was suprisingly good.