If you're an air combat enthusiast like me, Ace Combat 3 will probably blow you away, in every way.

User Rating: 9.5 | Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere PS
I would first off like to say that I am awestruck at the moment of this review-writing. It has been a few hours since I finished this game, Ace Combat 3. After many hours of fun and unburdening play in this game, I find it safe to say that it's been under appreciated because of small things that the US version did not have, I mostly hear about the lack of voice acting and weaponry. Other than that, I find no more wrongs done in this game.

Overall: 9.5

Graphics: 10

The graphics in Ace Combat 3 were at the prime of their time at the game's release. Ace Combat 3 put the PlayStation One to its absolute limits and made extensive plane models, colossal maps, unbelievable effects that some of today's games can't even top, and most of all, put the effects to uses almost seamlessly. The best example of this would be the Bug Hunt level on the campaign. I would almost guarantee that if you believe the graphics make the game, and you're looking for a retro flight combat game, Ace Combat 3 will drop your jaw and tape it to a table with duct tape.

Gameplay: 9.5

I can honestly say that Ace Combat 3's gameplay is better than many games today, yesterday and beyond. The control of the fighters were great, and if you didn't like the gameplay then you had options off the bat to set the game differently, including aircraft control schemes, play levels, and aircraft control methods. It also felt by the many factors this game used to thrive that you were actually in the fighter, taking down targets and enemies one by one.

Sound/Voice: 9

Voice was the lowest part of the game. Many complaints come from this section because there was not enough voice during briefings, not enough voice in notification when you get a kill, and some miscellanious voices. Music was the best. It varied depending on your situation, and when I played it seemed to choreograph my game perfectly. Overall this section still deserves a high score.