ace.. the best off ps1

User Rating: 10 | Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere PS
I love it. Why ? Like for ps1 grafhic is wery wery good, gameplay precizsh.
Wery good option full customizable controler - and control (thats what i missed on newest wersions ac4 ac5...). Good AI - i love playing last misions - long hard fights - not like those on new AC4 .. 5 .. (on those only grafic off ps2 is amazing.. but not gameplay :( ) . Flights - real and futuristic - thats good interesting. And whats the most i loved is music.. is so unreal electro.. i love ejoy of all sounds all music.. im playing with fuul pleasure.. if there not was so cool music.. i dont.. yes it wiil good game. but.. I always looking too all game not, all parts must be good! And all are!.. I dont know what to say bad on this game.. all levels all game all misions are interesting and good detalaized.. This game is one off the top like gt1 t3 nfs3 raytracer..