The game appears good but it stumbles at times, however its still entertaining on some level.

User Rating: 7.1 | Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere PS
Ace Combat’s third installment isn’t what I hoped and it may gets mixed reactions because while there are serious problems with it there are also good things to it. For one each level connects up to each other as it follows the same story line throughout the whole game, about a war. While the story line can be gripping it can be confusing at times, and all you want to do is blow stuff up and not listen to the intro of the level. The developer, Namco, did a great job with the creativity of each of the levels, the never really seemed to repeat them selves. On the other hand all the levels incorporate the same things though, dogfights and bombing. Some levels that are solely bombing can get boring and dumb, like the level where you blow up four satellites hovering over the earth with only three minutes to do so. The dog fights are quite fun though. Thats how the game is, some levels short, some long, some fun, some boring, thats why I think this game could gets some mixed reactions. One thing I did like was the selection of aircrafts, as the game progresses and based on you grade of each mission, more aircrafts will be optioned for you. One nice feature is that they put in stats for each of the aircrafts like its speed wieght ect. Overall I've seen better games and I've seen worse, its not the best in the series but its entertaining. If you are thinking buying I'd rent it first just to see if you like it enough, even though it may be hard to find.