Great game but very short lived

User Rating: 7 | Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition PS3
A new pretty Japanese game with lots of pretty colours and characters. With that I bought the game. The game is a 1 vs 1 fighting game, each game is in a circle which character can attack the other fighter.

The game is actually really short which a small variety of characters, the battles are actually very easy to win and don't take much skill though the boss on the story mode does. Which gets me on to the modes of the game, the game has a normal arcade where by you fight each player in turn to win the arcade mode which actually very easy to win. There are also two story modes which are practically the same thing though you can fight a few extra fights that don't appear in the arcade. The games pretty easy with a pretty easy trophy list to get. The game is pretty good for the money it costs and has a nice sound track. The game its self is quite short and you may find yourself only playing it for half an hour or so though I can see it being a good game to come back to very so often. I would urge that people check it out on youtube or somewhere before purchasing as it's not for everybody.