Frustrating controls almost buries a so-so game

User Rating: 4 | ABZU XONE

I think the worst thing you could possibly say about any game is that it fails to leave a lasting impression. And that is exactly what Abzu does. While there are some aspects of the game that is decent, A bulk of it is disappointing and leaves a lot more to be desired.

Starting off the poorly designed controls. Even the simple act of going up and down can be ruined by the ever-moving camera, Which provides a lot of frustration periodically throughout the game. And it seems like the sprinting button never seems to work half of the time either so I always found myself going at an average pace. And what annoys me the most is that the gameplay is the bare minimum so why is it that something so bare is the one thing that the game really struggles in?

Now getting to the game itself, It's a very short, linear experience. ABZU only takes an hour and a half to complete and that is a total completion including all achievements and collectables. Without the use of a guide, I'd say it takes about 2 and a half hours at the most to complete. So you really aren't getting much content here.

The chapters are fairly short and the puzzle solving is laughably weak with the bare minimum effort put into designing them. And what little flair that the visuals offer die off rather quickly when you realize two things. The first is that the sharp-looking visuals are the only good thing about this game. The second is that everything really starts looking the same after the first few chapters.

Overall: 4/10
Honestly, The only reason I bothered playing this game was that it was super easy to 100%. I wouldn't recommend it at all because it offers nothing original and nothing memorable. Now, If you want to pad your gamerscore with an easy 1000 points then heck yeah, I'd say go for it but other than that, I wouldn't bother.