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20+ years and going strong.

For over 20 years, GameSpot has been the most well-known video game community cruisin' down the Information Superhighway, and it is made up of a hard-working team of expert gamers on staff as well as millions of visitors around the world who contribute their knowledge and experiences on a daily basis.

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  • David Ahmadi
  • Chris Beaumont
  • Max Blumenthal
  • Sean Booker
  • Richie Bracamonte
  • Emily Conti
  • Jacob Dekker
  • Rob Handlery
  • Lucy James
  • Richard Li
  • Mike Mahardy
  • Adam Mason
  • Stephen McKone
  • Jess McDonell
  • Julio Pak
  • Ryan Peterson
  • Aaron Sampson
  • Nicolas Sherman
  • Jean-Luc Sepkie
  • Erick Tay
  • Greg Thomas
  • Edmond Tran
  • Chastity Vicencio
  • Joey Yee


  • Sam Freeman
  • Evan Howard
  • Ben Janca
  • Gajan (Gaj) Kulasingham
  • Sam Leichtamer
  • Allissa Obert
  • Reyna Olegario
  • Will Potter
  • Anthony Roman
  • Ryan Schubert


  • Jason Ables
  • Dan Auer
  • Will Carle
  • Joel Downs
  • Steve Easley
  • Laura Fiebing
  • Ido Grieman
  • Angela Hsiao
  • Chris James
  • Pei Lian Liu
  • Regina Luk
  • Dan McFaul
  • Steven Ng
  • Austin Rhee

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