Game have some potential but having only 14 turns until boss start destroying everything u built? Arcade part monotone.

User Rating: 4 | A Valley Without Wind 2 PC
Arcade part have potential but u can skip most of it. Its recommended too, because after some time its all the same. Also whats so great with having to move/hide your units from boss while looking how he destroys everything valuable hoping u will get strong enough before he ruin everything?!
If u still wanna try, make sure u read whole help because mechanics are unique, a bit weird and will made u restart few times. Still buggy, I finally snapped when I lost 1h trying to get new set just to find out there are 2 ways to get to the beginning!
Game has almost no variety even with randomizer.
I agree with GameSpot pros and cons but not the score.
Since review checker wants me to have at least 800 letters and since its pointless to write bigger review than programmers did their coding Im just gonna stress out:
I love, RPG, turn based strategy and arcade but this just ain't right.
Creators obviously think its fun to fail 100x, burn ur brain and time till u make it "right".
More stressful than fun! And sooo monotone.