Original Story - plus the rats are crazy

User Rating: 9 | A Plague Tale: Innocence PS5

Loved the setting - 14th Century France - and the originality of the story. Realising this as a video game was a real achievement, with great acting and dialogue, clever use of the environments and beautiful looking graphics.

As with many games the enemy camp lets loose some horrors of hammy acting, the Inquisition leaders are a bit pantomine - I don't know why a subtle more realistic touch is never taken with these types of characters in most games - but you don't see them much and I guess it sets the scene.

The rats however are epic! How they have made that particular vision work so well I don't know, but hats off to them it is a great achievement.

There is one scene that drove me insane, Rodric pushing the cart. If you played the game, you'll know what I mean!