This is a fun game that will amaze and please you with its clever puzzles and use of transformations.

User Rating: 8 | A Boy and His Blob WII
This is a remake of A Boy and His Blob that was originally released for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It looks and plays great and is a sequel to a game that any age kid will enjoy. The game is not a platformer. It is a puzzle adventure. The game is basically all puzzles. These puzzles involve using your transformations to move obstacles around to put them in the proper place so that you can get past them and getting around and past enemies without touching them and getting killed. You have a blob that is traveling with you throughout your entire adventure. You can transform your blob into different objects by feeding it jellybeans. You throw a jellybean and then the blob will go eat it and transform into what you ask it to. Jellybeans are unlimited and will never run out. These transformations include the pear parachute, punch hole, licorice ladder, tangerine trampoline, apple jack, bubblegum bouncer ball, berry balloon, banana anvil. cream cannon, rocket launcher, and more. The punch hole is used to make a hole in the ground that you can fall through in spots that you have to go under but are covered up. The apple jack is like a car jack that you use to lift up things high in the air that are too low to be used. The bubblegum bouncer is a ball that is used to bounce across large gaps. platforms, and enemies. The parachute is used to deploy your fall so that you will not die when faced with high distance grounds. The cannon is used to go inside of and shoot yourself out to a certain target that is unreachable without it, even with an anvil. The rocket launcher is used to fly past crouded enemies and obstacles that you can't get past without the needs of fast transportation and would otherwise lead to death. You can steer left, right, up, and down past walls with it. The banana anvil is used to push into certain spots in the ground so that you can stand on top of it to jump and reach high platforms. I personally thought that the ladder, trampoline, parachute, bubblegum bouncer, cream cannon, and rocket launcher, and punch hole were the coolest transformations in the game. That's almost all of them. Using all of these transformations in the game give you a warm feeling of pleasure inside that it's hard to describe. They are just so fun and entertaining to use. They make the puzzle segments okay and acceptable to play. The way you use these transformations to get past enemies and obstacles are just so unique, creative, and different that they keep your eyes sucked in to the screen and hands glued to the controller because they are just so clever, eye catching, exciting, and unpredictable that it builds up a feeling of curiosity and suspense, and it keeps you coming back for more and wanting to keep playing until the end of the game. Majesco did a superb, splendid job of developing and designing this game once again to make it as jaw dropping as ever. The good thing about them is that they are not too hard but not too easy. There are signs that go with each puzzle that have a picture of the transformation that you have to use for that puzzle, and other signs have arrows. These both help a lot and make the game not impossible. Some of the puzzles you will be able to figure out all on your own without any help and this is very fun and rewarding, while others you will more than likely have to go on YouTube and watch a walkthrough or playthrough video for a lot of the puzzles. Once you learn how to do it on YouTube, you will immediately think to yourself afterwards, how did I not know how to do that? It was so obvious. And that's why they are clever. You just have to think a little more. Your transformations in this game are so awesome that I got so overly excited when playing the beginning of the game because they were so cool. This is a game that anyone will want to play through a second time because you will know how to solve all the puzzles, and they will be even more of a pleasure to play through again than it was the first time. The first time just might be frustrating because you will keep having to check YouTube over and over again, but the second time it is even more fun because you already know what to do. So basically what I'm saying is that if it is a game with tons of puzzles as the main aspect, it is a game that you will guaranteed play over again from the start. You will feel nothing but satisfaction once you figure out how to do a puzzle and complete it. The puzzles will get harder throughout the game not only because of how you must think to figure them out, but also because of how the enemies and obstacles are placed and how you must move and transform around them without getting yourself killed. There are also three treasures in each level that if found will unlock extra bonus levels in the game.

I just can't explain the transformations. They are just so clever, pleasing, and awesome. Let's just leave it at that. You will know what I'm talking about once you play this game. It's just all so amazing.

Graphics are exactly what you would want and ask for. I have never played the NES version, but from watching gameplay videos of it, these graphics are more dated than it because this is the Wii and it's a newer, better version because it's a sequel. They give off a clearer, brighter, more colorful and beautiful picture. The NES version graphics look so old, dull, gloomy, and dismal and do not look good or exciting like the Wii at all. The Wii's graphics are definitely a hundred times better than the NES and make you actually want to play through the entire game because if you have ever played or seen the NES version and then buy this Wii verison of the game, the graphics will stun and fascinate your eyes because they will have so much more mood and feeling to them due to their higher quality picture. If you have never played or seen the NES version though, you just might think that these graphics are standard and nothing too extraordinary, but are still acceptable, passable, and awesome.

Boss battles are also unique, creative, and different. They are so fun and entertaining and are a blast to play. They require some thinking. Some are easy and others are hard once you figure out how to attack them.

Overall, A Boy and His Blob is an awesome game that anyone who loves puzzles, platforms, awesome bosses, cool transformations, a heartwarming experience, and undeniable charm in a game must check out. It is worth your money and time.