Boy's Best Friend

User Rating: 9 | A Boy and His Blob WII
This is another under the radar gem that slipped benneth the cracks, I wouldn't say it was really underrated or overlooked but just wasn't commercially strong as it should of been.

I remember the original game which is a fun if slightly flawed gem, this game is another example of a revival/remake done the right way and I like this game a lot more than it's predecessor.

There are just a lot of things I really like about this game, the graphics I think are just great. The animation, color, and motion is just fluid and reminds me of the animated films from Don Bleth whom did "An American Tail", "Secret of Nimh", and the underrated final film "Titan A.E." The backgrounds and level design are all well detail really has that other worldly or even pulp adventure quality charm. And I even like the character animation the boy is cute but the blob is even cuter.

But to me what really makes this game is in the gameplay which I think is excelent. It's much like games like "Out of this World" and "Flashback" both are trial and error games, where you have to take your time figuring out how to get from point A to B.
It's true that the game is linar but that was a great thing because one of the things I didn't like in the original is on how lost you could easily get in it's non linear structure, in the revival I know where to go and what to do. Even though the levels are linar, their levels that aren't ment to be finished quickly their ones you have to take your time with. From figuring out how to get from point A to B but most of all finding the treasures and getting to them, if you find all three treasures on a single stage then you can unlock bonus stages let alone decorate your base of opperations, so you'll have plenty to do.

The game has a team work element, the blob is not just your best friend but is practically a living James Bond gadget. Another thing I like about this game is the fact the jelly beans are unlimited and you see what each one produces, where in the original you had limited ammo which was a big problem because sometimes there was one bean I needed to get me to a certain area. I really love how the blob morphs into anything you need at whatever is required for your sittuation kinda like Kirby in "Kirby's Epic Yarn". I'll just say two of my favorates because I don't want to give too much away, one is a cannon because you can break though walls or get to a certain point and another is a rocketship, I love driving things fast.

There are also some boss battles which might seem difficult at first but are actually easy they just don't look that way. It's really a step by step process that you have to figure out and I actually like that where in most boss battles it's always kinda a shallow affair where to take down a boss you have to hit a certain point a certain number of times. My favorate boss is the oil cobra which I think is a really creepy boss.

It's true you may run into a frustration or two but like I said this is a game you have to take your time with and even practice in some parts of the game, as a saying goes you can't expect to get it right the first time.

A blob is a boy's best friend.