Cartoony visuals hide a game that is challenging, charming, and just plain fun. Well Worth playing.

User Rating: 9 | A Boy and His Blob WII
I have to admit, I was tentative at first. A cutesy, cartoony game that was based off a game from the 80s? A new, hip youngster like me wouldn't like this, right? I am very, very pleased to admit that I am wrong. A soon as I saw a feature for the game in a magazine I read, I had my heart set on getting this game. A boy and his blob is simply....beautiful. That's all I can really say. For those of you who know me, you should know I am a hand-drawn graphics junkie, and that alone makes me love this game, but that's not all there is. The cute graphics hide a game that is not for the easily frustrated. Some of those puzzles are really tricky! The boss battles, in particular, require some thinking to beat. The first boss for example, is a giant snake like creature that bashes it's head into the ground, threatening to squish your poor little boy. Now what would really hurt that overgrown cobra for trying to kill the lil guy? I'll let you figure it out for yourself. Speaking of death, the game is both cruel and forgiving. One hit from an enemy, trap, or yea, even too long a fall will send that boy to the great candy shop in the sky. However, he has infinite lives, and checkpoints are literally everywhere. Speaking of candy, the boy's only real abilities are running and jumping (well, hopping really). So, the real stuff lies in your "toolbox" aka the blob. You have a limitless supply of jelly beans, and as it turns out, the blob can't get enough of them! He's so happy when you feed him, in fact, that he transforms into an object to help you out. For example, feeding him a Punch flavored bean turns him into a hole. This lets you fall through thin platforms and trap enemies in cages and even drown them. The story? Well, you wont find that kind of spoiler in this gamer's reviews, but just trust me when I say it is both adorable and intresting. Put aside all your first grown up instincts and play this amazing game.