Every 2-D game I've played has pretty much sucked. This one didn't.

User Rating: 9.5 | A Boy and His Blob WII
The boxart is bland (no colour) on the front, then on the back its freaking amazing.
This game is definately a puzzle game and the story is alright. With 4 worlds,40 levels, each has different enemies, there is a bunch of fun concept. Also through the game you unlock challenge levels, cutscenes and concept art. Great stuff.

GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10
The gameplay flows very nicely. Basicly, your a boy who is in his treehouse when a meteor crashes near him. Of course, he goes and checks it out. There, he finds a white blob. That blob loves jellybeans, and the boy has a ton of them. There are 15 types. Bubble gum= Bouncy ball, Tangerine= Trampoline, Pear = Parachute and there are much more. The engine is very clever. The boy is very cute and loveable. The boy is doing all he can to get the blob home. You go on this huge adventure with your blob, figuring out all of the puzzles. Aventually, you'll get to the 10th levels of each world. After you beat that level, you face a boss. You get no hints so be careful! Every level, you use different jellybeans to complete a level. The good this is, you have infinate lives and jellybeans. Sounds easy right? It is actually difficult. If you even slightly touch and enemie, you die. Thank god, the last part you got to, thats where you start off. If I tell you everything, I'll be typing for hours. Lets move on.

The graphics are superb and are easy to look at. The 2-D feature would throw you off but surprisingly, it doesn't.

AUDIO: 9.5/10
The audio is amazing. The music, sound effects, the blob and even the boy sound beautiful.

CONTROLS: 8.5/10
The controls are great but not perfect. Everything is pretty much perfect and easy, except for throwing jellybeans. Oh boy, is it hard getting it in the spot you want it. Throwing it short is very easy. Long range, hard. The controls are very touchy throwing long range. But still, you'll get the hang of it.

This game may sound stupid and childish at the start. But when you start playing this game, you'll be saying "Holy crap, this game is awesome!". I got very addicted to this game fast. Although, if you play this game for hours, you may have already beat the game.

This game was surprisingly good and you'll love the experience.
Boy and his blob surprisngly gets a 9.5/10