Boy meets Blob

User Rating: 9 | A Boy and His Blob WII

# A Boy and his Blob for the Nintendo Wii is about like what the title says, its about them: A boy and a while blob who became partners to help save the boy and the blob's planet against the evil black blobs and their king. At the beginning of the game, the "boy" still in his tree house, when the outside at night time, the "white blob (good blob and your partner)" was trying the escape the black blobs, in which probably lives billions of billions miles away from earth, it woke up the "boy" and that's when you take control of the boy and go search for the white blob and after that, the journey begins. The gameplay in A Boy and his Blob is like any 2d side scrolling video game, you can go left, right, look up and down and also jump, but you call in your blob to come back and be next to you even if he's behind a wall and feed him some magic beans that can make him transformed anything that the level gives it to you. The graphics of A Boy and his Blob is very smooth and look cartoony in which is this game art direction is going by. The sounds in A Boy and his Blob is great in any level and world your in, either your on earth or the blob's planet. Overall, A Boy and his Blob is a perfect game for those, who like solving puzzles and trying to get everything 100%, should get this game a go.

Gameplay: 8- Like any other 2d side scrolling game, this one is fun and doesn't require you to know how every button work.

Graphics: 9- The graphics is like cartoon, digitally drawn and animated and so does the background do.

Sound: 9- The boy and the evil king voice are great and music makes it more enjoyable while playing.

Value: 10- None much to said about this game, you just need a bit quick on reaction in some levels.