Form Your Own Opinion

User Rating: 7 | 7 Days to Die (Early Access) PC

First of all, I do understand this GameSpot reviewer looked at the Xbone version of 7 Days To Die. Why he chose that specific version I have no idea. My review is based on the PC version. I have about 100 hours into this game so far along with my wife and son, and we love it. Does it have its bugs? Yes. Is it frustrating to play at times? Yes. But the overall enjoyment we have gotten out of this game far surpasses its shortcomings. Do I think the devs made a mistake trying to put out both a PC and console version of this game at the same time? Absolutely. I am not a console gamer. I have nothing against consoles, but I prefer a keyboard and mouse over a controller. I also like the fact I can upgrade my PC as needed versus buying a new console every couple of years to play the latest games. I am not a PC fanboy. I am a gamer plain and simple, so when I see a game that was reviewed on its weakest platform-namely the console versions-I see red flags. a 2 out of 10? GameSpot has given much worse games at least a 4, but Joab in his infinite wisdom as a reviewer chose to base a game's merit on a review on its weakest platform. Why? Only Joab knows for sure.

Anyway, on to the review. To like this game you have to enjoy going it on your own. Other than the initial short tutorial quests at the beginning, there is no hand holding to be found here..You're dropped in a world where you have 7 days to prepare for a zombie horde, along with random hordes, that repeat themselves every 7 days. How you go about doing that is up to you.You can build a fortress, or you can dig a hole in the ground and hope for the best. You can also adjust your game experience accordingly. If you want nasty then implement insane mode. It's all up to you, which to me is refreshing in this glut of linear based hack games being churned out that lead you by the hand like some drooling toddler. Are the graphics the best on the market today? No they're not. But I'm old school, so I'll take game play over eye candy as long as I am engaged in the actual game itself. Look at how many people play Zelda today, and those graphics by today's standards are way outdated, yet there are still people who enjoy that game to this day. Look at the success of Minecraft-Not really my type of game, because I can't stand the pixelated graphics, but to each his own. My advice would be to either buy 7 days to die on PC, or find somebody who has a PC copy and play it yourself. Don't base whether you love or hate the game based on the console versions which admittedly are sub par ports. So my advice, from someone in his mid forties who has been playing games forever, would be to judge for yourself. Don't let Joab make up your mind for you. For my part, I will continue to enjoy the game with my family, and maybe just maybe, if you get the right version of the game, you might do the same. If you try it and you don't like it on PC, then at least you have formed your own opinion, and didn't follow Joab's opinion, which in my opinion is clearly biased against this game. Just my take on the whole thing. I don't let anybody make up my mind for me. Maybe you should do the same. I hope you do.