User Rating: 10 | 7 Days to Die XONE

This game could use upgrades in a few different aspects but i own it on xbox one and have put more than 20+ hours( what a joke) into it. At MOST it has taken me 2 minutes to log in to any match(single player, me hosting a match, or entering a friends match). Not 20 minutes thats exaggerating alot! He is incorrect on more than one point hes made. I mean lets give an honest review people! Theyre some gamers that strictly rely on reviews to consider buying games. Im here to confirm that when youre in another players match and they quit all youre progress is saved, you just get booted from match(obviously if host isnt hosting) but when you log back in you have all item, level progression, and EVERYTHING! Also the fact that hes upset that theres no auto-aim just lets me know the caliber of gamer that gamespot has employed to write reviews. I have been playing since release on a buddys game and havent had this issue once! The game is the most aesthetically pleasing but its not all about graphics people this isnt an AAA game people. It is extremely fun with multiple friends. The crafting systems is alot easier to use than most games of the same genre and the cursor does move quickly enough and smooth enough to not be a problem for anyone can use a controller without auto aim. I say buy it and have fun with at least 1 friend