3D Pinball: Space Cadet Cheats For PC

  1. Codes

    Before you launch the ball in the very beginning of the game enter the following codes.....

    Effect Effect
    hmax Score
    hidden test Control the ball using your mouse
    Incredible or Imax increase the field multiplier
    omax Play in Red
    gmax The gravity well should become enabled.
    rmax You should advance one spot in rank. This can be done repeatedly until you get to the highest rank.
    1max You should get an extra ball when you loose your upcomming ball
    bmax You should have and unlimited supply of extra balls

    Contributed by: Frey555, camintmier, Mike Truitt 

  2. Debug codes

    After starting a new game, type in the code "hidden test" to play in debug mode.<br />Then hit these keys for the desired effect.

    Effect Effect
    Y Changes the title of the game displayed at the top of the window from "3D Pinball for Windows-Space Cadet" to "pinball"
    [F11] Field multiplier increases
    H Gives you a high score of 1,000,000,000, but always puts the score below the top highest legitimate score.
    B Immediately get new ball when one is lost
    [F12] Low fuel
    M Opens a box of the amount of memory currently used by the game.
    R Promotes you to the next rank up.

    Contributed by: Freakazoidian, Frey555 

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