verry good but verry easy

User Rating: 9 | 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal PC
this game is good. it has classic locations but the dissapionting thing is that 10 miles is like 30 real life seconds
and once you have a fleat of trucks all you have to do is keep advancing time and boom you beat the game. you need 10 million dollars to win
been there done that also some time the load you have can superly decrease you speed like by up to 60 mph and other times the speed dosent change
soo if your look ing for a quick game to finish this is perfect for you
also this game actualy has real secret roads, not ones that they say are secret but still pop up on maps. like for instance if your in chiuauwa Mexcicoo
and you can drive across the desert!!
also in Nevada there is this UFO road wit UFOs and jet plains that fly over the road.
there is also specail things on the side of the highways, like over turned bigrigs, brokendown cars vans trucks and more. and there is also construction in the middle and on different lanes of the highway.
also there are forest fires, old air plans and more in the sides of the highways
some times helecopters or airplains fly over.