sad to see it go... a second time job, check out planet visitor

User Rating: 7.8 | 10Six PC
The main thing that i remember when people mention 10six is the time it stole from me... It was a second job. Then if i was asked if i would play it again, if i had been giving the chance, i would say yes in a heart beat.

if your interested in a game like this (sort of a mmorpg take on the battlezone series) than you should check out the now mmorpg called planet visitor. Its the original source code with the 4 companies set out to own as much of "Planet Visitor" as possible.

The same game concepts of jitter packs and the rest are still there. the only down side of its return is the small ammount of people really playing it. at this point there are about 100 dedicated players, which just isn't enough in my oppinion to take over an entire planet. MDN's consist of 20 people, so there just isn't enough competition between players.

its good to see its return but sad to see the method of its return. Deffinatly a cool mmorpg of its day. Too bad i lost soo much of my life in it :P