1080 Snowboarding is a instant classic you would want to play right now.

User Rating: 10 | 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding N64
1080 Snowboarding seemed to be the best snowboarding game at the time when I came out; it had good graphics, cool tracks and took skill to pull off an extreme move. 1080 Snowboarding playable characters range to tiny weasel people that have no speed, to 7 foot guys that can go down the track in less than a second. Some of the tracks have dangerous parts to them like ice, drops to nowhere and trees knocking you off your boards. Down the road playing 1080 Snowboarding you get to unlock more tracks and characters which will make you play even more. The timed races can be a pain because I rather just rack up the points instead. The controls can be a little tough at first playing the game but later on you get the hang of it.

Overall this game is worth a shot of your money and should be on the VC on the wii.