The snowboarding game that started it all.

User Rating: 7.5 | 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding N64
1080 Snowboarding is a game that you can love or hate. For me, it's both.

To break down this game; 1080 is a snowboarding game (dur) for that was originally released for the N64. It was made by the same people that made Wave Race. This game has all the features that you'd expect from a later gen game, but definately not from an N64 game, such as racing (match), Trick, Time trial, Contest (a mixture of above), and tutorial.

Graphics are impressive (for an N64 title), but the areas can get bland at some times.

Controls and gameplay are.. Touchy. Your character will wince and lose a lot of speed unless you can master the ability to land just right. Your character is also sluggish when it comes to turning. All the little gripes here makes the game difficult for all the wrong reasons.

Sound is pretty good. Yor character will talk, grunt, yell and other small voice samplets. But the music is very odd at some times, where the tracks can go from addictive, to TV muting bad.

In conclusion. This is the game you want to get if you want a classic, or if you want a snowboarding game on the cheap side. Otherwise, you might want to stay away from this game.