Still one of the best Snowboarding games ever made.

User Rating: 9 | 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding N64
1080 Snowboarding was one of the best Snowboarding games out and still really is.This game belnds both Arcade style gameplay and simulation all into 1 awesome Snowboarding game that works very well and it can give you a challenge while having a fun time as well.Now 1080 has some basic modes like the Regular Races,Trick Mode,Time Trial and Multiplayer.The characters in this game are also very unique in their own style.When you choose to select one of them you can see all the snowboarders hanging out in Cabin Lodge doing their own thing.The characters all have their own personailty.The characters that are included are Ricky Winterborn,Rob Haywood,Kensuke Kimachi,Dion Blaster and Akari Hayami.Each character has their own styles and skills which can defenitly make a diffrences in the race depending on who you choose.The tracks are also fun to race on but a bit limited however.Since their are only about 8 Course to choose from but the gameplay really makes up for it.You get A regular mountain,One in a Snowstorm,Another with the Sun Rising and another with a very deserted area.The detail is very good even for 1998 and it really shows well.Another great thing is that you always have to keep yourself on the Board and don't fall of too much because you will retire if you take too much damage.I find that to be a good touch to this game.The challenge is good as You may need to put some bit of gaming skill into this game once in awhile when you get to the harder parts of the Career Mode but it's no problem.The Trick Attack mode is also very fun with tricks to do with things like Grabs,Flips,Grinds,Twists and much more in a very stylish manner.Another one of these modes that kept me coming back to the game even more.Overall 1080 Snowboarding is a great Snowboarding to play.While their are limited amount of tracks this is a fun and challenging game and it's a great game to play no doubt.