A really good snowboarding game.

User Rating: 9 | 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding N64
Normally, I am not the biggest fan of sports games. 1080 Snowboarding, however, is an exception. It is, surprisingly, a very good game and is one of the best games the N64 has to offer. It is practically the only snowboarding game I have ever actually played so far, but I bet it is probably the best. With tight controls, cool tracks, great graphics, and a questionably good soundtrack, 1080 is another excellent addition to your N64 library.

Your goal for the game is rather simple: Choose one of five characters and race to the finish line first. There are three different difficulties to choose from. Winning first on all three races unlock new levels. During the races you can find the paths best suited for helping you win the race. During the race you are prone to getting hurt, whether by falling down or running into something. If you lose all of your health, you'll only have a few more chances before you have to retire. Keep in mind though that the AI can be cheating bastards when they feel like it. If they hit you or something else they can easily shrug it off, whereas you waste time getting back up. They also have a tendency of catching up very quickly even if you are quite a distance from them. This is can be more frustrating on the harder difficulties.
Included with the racing mode is the usual multiplayer feature, time attack, and trick modes. The multiplayer makes for some good fun, despite the fact that only two people can play, as similar problem to that of Wave Race 64. The trick mode has you doing various tricks to score points. However, performing the tricks take a lot of time to get used to. Thankfully you can practice these tricks in the Trick Attack mode. The controls for this game are very simple (if you're not doing tricks) and are intuitive throughout. The game also uses realistic physics, so you'll need to be more precise with your landing compared to other games.

Graphically this is one of the very best you'll find on the system. The environments are varied in their design and look exceptional and the character models look and animate very realistically. The camera also keeps a very good view of the action. There is some slowdown every now and again, but it's nothing to really get worked up about. The sound design is also rather well done. Some tracks are better than others, but for the most part it sounds great.

-Really fantastic graphics with great detail on the environments and characters.
-Camera works perfectly
-Animation is solid
-Good music
-Tight controls
-Varied courses
-Makes a decent multiplayer

-Often punishing AI
-Trying to perform certain tricks can be difficult

While I am still not a big sports fan, it's games like this that really get me into it anyway. It is an excellent snowboarding game all around and of course still one of the best N64 titles you can ever find.