1080 is a great snowboarding game with fun, but simple gameplay mechanics, and solid graphics to back it up

User Rating: 8.2 | 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding N64
1080 is simply a great game, because it takes a unique topic and turns it into a playable game, which can be quite a hard task. 1080 pulls it off great to deliver some unique moments and exciting, fast paced, snowboarding action. You have a couple of characters to choose from, each come with a snowboard set, and attributes. The whole point of the racing part of the game is to......well......race, and get to the bottom of the hill faster than your opponent. Sounds Easy. Right?.....WRONG!!! The hills you go down are covered in a variety of obstacles to get past, ranging from stray logs, to rocks, ice, and walls. Depending on your characters attributes, some courses will be a breeze to get by, but they are unique enough to cause a disadvantage to a character, or characters. You have to overcome the disadvantage through strategy, and, of course, PURE SPEED!!!! Another mode is "trick mode" which is kinda self explanatory if you're a gamer. It's basically: do tricks, get points based on the complexety, coolness, or landing of the trick(s), and try to get as many points as possible before time runs out, or you cross the finish line. Sound and music rock, along with the many modes, gameplay, and graphics, which are outstanding. Overall, 1080 succeeds in making a great snowboarding game for N64.