THE Snowboarding game. Dont even consider yourself a boarding-game fan if you dont own this.

User Rating: 9 | 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding N64
Simple, classic snowboarding gameplay. Theres not much else to say apart from that this game is simple snowboarding fun.You wont find any annoying minigames or unrelated content here, just racing down hills and getting tricks.

Just choose a rider , a board and youre off. There isnt many runs to choose from at the start but you can unlock a few more and you'll never find yourself wanting more as the runs are simple effective and get the job done. You can play 2 player in 2P VS mode or solo in the Time Attack, Trick Attack or contest modes along with a few others.
The game gives off a really good tournamenty atmosphere with its cheering crowds and nineties videogame music. Way more character than some recent SSX games where you feel alone on the mountain.

1080Snowboarding isnt a hard game but its not easy either, it finds an almost perfect medium where casual gamers can have fun going down a few runs but more hardcore gamers can challenge themselves in races and time-trials which can be quite hard. However there are some frustrating points where you dont land right through no fault of your own, which adds to your damage meter [only in races or time trials] and could end up in you retiring and starting again. However the trick attacks dont have a damage meter so fallall you want.

Theres quite a good training part where you can either go down the halfpipe or slopestyle and practice mover one by one as instructions come up on the screen.

The graphics areas you would expect from an N64 game .Some of the snow effects are spot on but at time the characters can feel very stiff and not turn aswell as you would like.
Overall, a VERY good game and deserving to be part of everyones collection.