It's not everyone's cup of tea, but those looking for a fast paced, fun, and realistic snowboarding game will love this

User Rating: 10 | 1080: Avalanche GC
If you've looked at a lot of reviews of this game, you've probably noticed that the reviews are pretty mixed. The reason is that while 1080 for the N64 set the standard for snowboarding games, SSX took the genre to the next level, and in some people's opinion, perfected it. Not my opinion. SSX has always been about the tricks, but 1080 is about the speed. And in this reviewer's opinion, 1080 Avalanche is the greatest snowboarding game ever made. Give it a fair chance, and you just might be surprised.

The mechanics in this game are pretty realistic. Realistic in the sense that you won't be doing one foot grabs or insane "uber tricks" like in SSX. It's also worth noting that the control setup is much more intuitive that it's predicessor. In the N64 you had to rotate the control stick three times, hold the R-button, let go of the R-button, press the Z button 7 and a half times, and do a handstand with your eye's closed just to do a nose grab. Yet for some reason, people are bashing the control scheme for being simplified (IGN called it more less intuitive that the 64 one. That, my friend, is just not true). The controls are great, and even though the trick list is limited, it's not a bad thing because the game is really about the racing anyway.

The sense of speed is simply exhilerating, and this game will really get your adreniline pumping. The avalanche levels esspecially stand out as being absolutely thrilling.

The Wii has some good snowboarding games, but if you're looking for a GREAT snowboarding game, be sure to check out 1080 Avalanche. Snowboarding games really don't get any better than this.