Not much to say but buy it cause if you want this game...good luck trying to find this game or to rent

User Rating: 8.1 | 1080: Avalanche GC
Lets see here i have to do this fast

Gameplay-Too short if you ask me and probbley half of you would agree

Music-Nice tunes to suit the game

Graphic-Well i dunno what to say here. But some of the stuff goes throught the character if you know what i mean (E.G Boulder comes flying at you and you go throught it)

How long i beat the game- Lets see here i beat it on the second day of when i got it The new Avalanche that comes at you during the forth challenge is fun cause you have it outrun it which makes it more harder depended on the character you chose

Overall it's a ok game but needs to be longer if you ask me and other people