This game is great... Fast paced story, adrenaline rush, it's AWESOME!

User Rating: 9.4 | 1080: Avalanche GC
When I first bought the game, I thought, 'Hey, it's a new game, away from Fantasies and RPG's. This should be good.' Then when I popped in the disc and entered story mode, I was amazed. The game was really fast paced with 4 different types of adventure mode, and has lots of perks. The game is challenging, (love games like that) doing tricks is awesome-sauce, and pushing people is fun too. :) Even though the game was kind of short, there are a bunch of different types of snowboards, including a penguin and a SNES controller! But I thought the game was good because it got me away from the land of dragons and magic, it got me to a more realistic pace that jogged my memory of how good of a snowboarder/skier I am! All in all, the game was good, and a change for me. I suggest you rent it first though, because this game might not appeal to you like it did to me.

P.S. You can change the background music to your whim. Yay!