Come on Gamespot, this was a great game!

User Rating: 8.4 | 1080: Avalanche GC
One day while strolling in EB Games, they had a sale on 1080 Avalanche. It was only $9.99 New! It was only 6 months old too. I decided might as well, and got it with some other games. I went home tried it and was glad I got it. I thought Nintendo did well on there sequel. A lot of people think the SSX 3 is way better, but I disagree. I like 1080 a lot more. i think that is was one of the most underrated games of 2003. Here is my review:

I have never been a big sports game fan. (except for Mario Tennis games.) But I like this game a lot. This game has breathtaking levels, and great unlockables. It also has an awesome multiplayer. You can unlock playable boarders like a moose, snowman and more, you can even unlock a NES controller to use as a snowboard. The main flaw is the evil control. The tricks are sometimes hard to pull off, and sometimes when your trying to do a frontside grab, you do a method or something. But other than that, the game is great.

The snow looks extremely realistic, Nintendo is great at making water look realistic in there games, and now snow too. The character's are detailed and the environments are all detailed featuring animals, houses, streets, cars, and much more.

This game has a licensed soundtrack, with mostly good songs. It has a music video of a band called Cauterize and it also has songs featured by Finger Eleven, Seether, and more. The soundtrack is good, but could be better. The sound effects are nice, but the narration voice is annoying. Also characters say stuff when you land tricks and win races and stuff. The other tracks are weird techno like songs.