Nice little touches, but only minor gameplay improvement over it's predecessor.

User Rating: 7 | 1080: Avalanche GC
This game came in the time of SSX.

In SSX, we had a great trick system,
interactive environments,
and gooooood looking snow.

This game is graphically - well, about equal to the two first SSX games, but adds some very nice touches.
Speed lines are one of them. - the avalanche missions are a blast as well.

Gameplay is ok, the controls are very responsive once you get used to them.

The level design, though - the levels are very small, and there isn't enough variation to warrant multiple play-throughs. Once you have unlocked all extra characters and boards (which are cool, like a rocket or a big NES joypad...) you're about done with the game.

The trick system doesn't have a lot of variation, which is a pity.

Bargain bin pick-up, or a rental - you've seen all this game has to offer in limited time, but it is a blast while it lasts.