1080: Avalanche Cheats For GameCube

  1. Warp Trick/Glitch

    On the course Sick With It, there is a glitch in the game that will actually warp you to the other side of the course. About half-way through the course, in the area with all the fallen-down trees you can grind, are two paths. One path eventually leads to an area of mogles. The other path leads to a straight-way with two small hills. The ''warp-zone'' is on the straight-way. When you're coming to the first hill, stay in the middle, but aim off to the left. Jump when you reach the top of the hill, and try to land in the snow on the mountainside. If pulled off correctly, you will fall through the mountain, then be transported to the other side of the course, in the mogles.

    I know this trick can work because I've pulled it off several times already. This was in 2-player, by the way, in case that makes a difference.

    Contributed by: clarkisdark 

  2. Unlock Extreme Match Race

    To open up a hidden match race mode, "Extreme", beat all three standard difficulty levels. Once you have beaten Avalanche Alley: No Way Out, the Hard final challenge, wait for the credits to finish. The extreme course will now appear on the Match Race main screen

    Contributed by: Clone_Of_You987 

  3. Pixilated Graphics

    While using the Old School Board, pause the game, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, and then B, and then unpause to change the graphics.

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer 

  4. Skip to Final Challenge

    Enter these codes at the Enter an Avalanche Code in the options mode.

    Effect Effect
    9AVVIKNY Access Final Challenge On Extreme Mode
    EATFIKRM Skip to the Expert final challenge level
    2AUNIKFS Skip to the Hard final challenge level
    JAS3IKRR Skip to the Novice final challenge level

    Contributed by: andreit, jarrett4 

  5. Unlockables

    On Gate Challenge Mode, Beat The High Score On Each Course To Earn The Trophy For That Course. Once You Have Earned The Right Amount Of Trophies You Will Unlock That Course!

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete expert with any character Alternate Costumes
    Get 18 Time Trial coins Alternate designs for all boards
    Get all time trial coins, including the ones in extreme championship Alternate skins for all regular boards
    Beat extreme mode whit ROB Character BONES (Skelleton man)
    Beat extreme mode whit AKARI Character CRYSTAL (CRYSTAL women)
    Beat extreme mode whit RICKY Character FROSTY (Snowman)
    Beat extreme mode whit TARA Character MIMI (mosse)
    Beat extreme mode whit KEMEN Character TITANIUM
    get 2 timetrailer coins every characters 2 board
    get 5 timetrailer coins every characters 3 board
    get 9 timetrailer coins every characters 4 board
    get ALL timetrailer coins every characters different logos on ALL boards (exept special boards)
    Complete expert championship Extreme championship
    Get 9 Time Trial coins Fourth board for everyone (8-Bit Soul, Bad Cat, Pulse, Conquest, Backbone)
    Earn 2 Trophies Mr Beakes Board (Penguin)
    Earn 18 Trophies NST 1080 Avalanche (Jet Rocket)
    Get 4 coins Old school board
    Earn 5 Trophies Old School Board(NES Control Pad)
    Get 7 coins Paintbrush board
    Get 1 coins Penguin board
    Earn 9 Trophies Powder Painter (Pencil)
    Get 2 Time Trial coins Second board for everyone (Winterborn, Once Bitten, Scaretactix, GCN, Crime Scene)
    Get 5 Time Trial coins Third board for everyone (Mind Invasion, Happiness, Cold Front, Broken Forest, DNA)

    Contributed by: Buttpig, DaanCZ, arisen devil, Korven, Ai0Ai 

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