100% Orange Juice Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete Every Achievement in 100% Orange Juice 100% Orange Juice
    Complete Marc's Scenario A Little Aviator
    Use a Trap to Prevent an Enemy Level-up And Away They Went
    Defeat the Manager Boss Banned for Life
    Get 30 Win Points in a Single Game Battle Master
    Reach 25% Card Binder Completion Booster Pack
    Reach 100% Card Binder Completion Card Sage
    Reach 75% Card Binder Completion Card Shark
    Reach 50% Card Binder Completion Collector
    Survive an Attack with an Offensive Roll of 9 or Higher Definite Defender
    Win a Game by Only Picking Battle Options Duelist
    Use an Exchange Card with Beneficial Results Fair Trade
    Defeat the Boss Robot Full Metal Brother
    Complete Suguri's Scenario Hyper
    Win 35 Games Little Wars
    Defeat 100 NPCs Mimyuu's Hammer
    Defeat the Castle Boss Moving Castle in the Sky
    Get a Rare Card from Purchasing a Card Pack Nice Present
    Attempt to Start a Game with Less than 12 Cards Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards
    Win a Game by Only Picking Collect Stars Options Pacifist
    Complete Kai's Scenario Penny Pincher
    Acquire All Unit Cards People Watching
    Play 70 Games Poppo Always Wins
    Complete the Extra Scenarios Poppo?
    Complete QP's Scenario Pudding Chaser
    Roll 10 or Higher on a Bonus Panel Shiny!
    Fail the Final Revive Roll Some People Have All the Luck!
    Hold 1000 Stars at Once in a Match Starbound
    Complete All Scenarios Superstar
    Steal 50 Stars from An Enemy with Ubiquitous The Girl Who Stole the Stars
    Win a Game on an Airstrike Field Without Being KO'd Tougher Than Diamond
    Defeat 5 Enemies in a Row Without Being KO'd Unstoppable
    Defeat the Same Opponent 5 Times During Battles in a Single Game Vendetta
    Defeat Each Opponent at Least Once in a Single Game You Can Run...
    Win a Game Without Visiting Your Home Base Your Home Is My Home

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Steam Achievements: Mixed Pack DLC and Patch 1.9

    Kill all enemies in a Piyopiyo Procession A Side Order of Chicken
    Save 50 stars on cards after one use of President's Privilege A Tight Budget
    As Poppo, successfully use Mimic on someone other than Poppo Changeling
    Kill a player with Shield Counter while at 1HP Hard Counter
    Travel at least twelve tiles from Roll Again tiles in one turn Mad Dash
    Use Tactical Retreat while under the effect of President's Privilege Put It on the Bill
    Survive ten turns under the effects of Lonely Chariot The Long Run
    Attack and kill a player under the effect of Backtrack Turned Tables
    Use Ambush to kill a player Waylaid

    Contributed by: WhiteHeroAlex 

  3. Steam Achievements: Krila and Kae Character Pack DLC

    Everybody burns (DLC 4) All Ablaze
    Play 10 games as Kae (DLC 4) Battle Addict
    Fully enjoyed the heat of battle (DLC 4) Better to Burn Out
    Dance, beasts, dance! (DLC 4) Dance of the Beasts
    Play 10 games as Krila (DLC 4) Denizen of Darkness
    Proof of the ultimate mastery (DLC 4) Plushie Master

    Contributed by: Smash Master 

  4. Steam Achievements: Syura & Nanako Character Pack DLC

    As Syura, use Beyond Hell while at 1 HP to KO a full-HP opponent (DLC 1) Beyond Hell
    Play 10 games as Nanako (DLC 1) Bit by Bit
    Play 10 games as Syura (DLC 1) Chicken Parade
    While playing Syura, KO QP (DLC 1) End of Pudding
    As Nanako, use Deploy Bits to get +7 or more in Attack, Defense or Evasion (DLC 1) Fully Deployed
    While playing Nanako, KO Suguri (DLC 1) Orders Are Absolute

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  5. Steam Achievements: Saki & Kyousuke Character Pack DLC

    As Saki, KO only yourself with a Big Bang Bell you have set (DLC 2) Dropped the Bomb
    As Kyousuke, KO the same male character 3 times in one game while using Cast Off (DLC 2) Kiss from a Rose
    As Kyousuke, KO 5 characters in one game while using Cast Off (DLC 2) Liberated
    Play 10 games as Saki (DLC 2) Saki's Cookie
    Play 10 games as Kyousuke (DLC 2) Seeking Kyupita
    As Saki, KO at least 2 other players with one Big Bang Bell you have set (DLC 2) The Big Bang

    Contributed by: Guard Master