Boring as h***

User Rating: 2 | 1... 2... 3... KICK IT! Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby (Early Access) PC
Saw this on steam for cheap and thought, "Hey! Could this be the next Audiosurf?" Basically, I was looking for just that. A game that could let me get my twitch on while listening to my favorite tunes. What did I get? Something that felt incredibly repetitive after a few plays. I thought, "Surely if I bump up the difficulty it will become more enjoyable, right?" And it was! For a minute, then it was boring again.

Basically, it doesn't seem to matter what song you pick. They all play pretty much the same, slow/fast, heavy/light bass, etc. Then I saw that there was a level that let you tweak some of its attributes (shouldn't my music be doing that?). So I set them to some arbitrary values and went for it. Turns out that if you bump up the "fatness" above four or five it becomes largely unplayable as there is no room to maneuver unless you stay completely out of the action area.

The point system is irrelevant and gives you no sensation of accomplishing something. They're just points (kind of like Who's Line Is It Anyway?). Some of the tracks I played were cut off by the level. One song had two or three minutes left and the level suddenly ended.

Oh, also, after buying it. I couldn't play it for a week. Every time I booted it up, it would give me a message saying it couldn't connect to steam.

Basically, this game is total s**t.

*Edit* Apparently, the devs aren't done with the game. Sadly, I was taken in and bought the d**n thing, *sigh*.