Fun Multiplayer

User Rating: 10 | 007 Legends X360
I did not have high hopes for this game when I was thinking about buying it. The reviews were bad but I just could not resist a 007 game. After purchasing it I started playing and thought that the single player is ok. Where I have really enjoyed the game is the online multiplayer. There are several maps and many weapons to earn. I like being able to choose from any of the legendary villians from the Bond series of movies to play. Another nice factor is that this is one of the only first person shooters that is rated T. That is probably not important to most people but I like the fact that there is very limited profanity and no other adult content in the movie. I have a son and I don't want him playing games with excessive language and other adult content. That is a huge selling point for me. So if you dont want to hear all the language then this may be a reasonable option for you. Good luck.