Overpriced rip off of a game

User Rating: 4.5 | 007 Legends PS3
007 Legends looks promising with it's front cover art but I quickly learned that my £40 was wasted on a game that was made half heartedly.

'Legends' starts by playing a cut scene from the new Skyfall movie and while Bond is knocked out from the bullet, we travel back in time to his previous missions in which us, the players, have to play through.

This first person shooter is a definitive example of "been there and done that." You will quickly get the thought that they invested very little effort to come up with something original in it's gameplay. Like other Bond games such as the classic Goldeneye 64 (which this game tries to take inspiration from) it is just you and a hand holding various weapons shooting many enemies. That's it! For most of the game. Except when you come up against iconic bosses such as Oddjob and Jaws which offer no added value. These boss fights end up being hand to hand combat sequences and you have signs telling you quickly what button to press to beat them.

There are some driving levels, too, which can be fun while they last but by the time the first one appears the player may have lost any inspiration to finish the game. Even if they manage to hold on, the driving levels are finished as soon as they have started and it's back to shooting the bad guys again.

The graphics are subpar and so is the audio. The voice acting is terrible and the iconic lines said by the bad guys are off and sound weird.

The ending.....er, what ending? We're not even treated to some cool cut scenes in between the gameplay to make up for the non ending, so what we are left with is a game that essentially feels like it has not even been completed!

I downloaded the Skyfall segment hoping that I'd get treated with an ultra cool ending to make up for the tiresome gameplay.....but, no. That was a waste, too! The Skyfall segment will take you about five minutes to complete all in all and that includes the boss fight. And like how the game was before I downloaded the SF segment, theree is NO ending. It just cuts to the credits after you beat the boss!

The game really does come off as one huge lazy effort. And they have the balls to charge people £40 for this?!?

It looks and feels like a cheap game, so they should have charged a price like it was.

Do yourself a favour and get Bloodstone instead.

It's cheaper and feels like a proper game instead of one that feels like some kind of prototype.