This game wont be that bad, will it?

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Eurocom may be out of touch with 360 owners and PS3 owners, but who cares about them, let them have their Halo and CoD, but Eurocom understands us Wii owners right? I know they do, they made Goldeneye for goodness sake, the only Wii game ive plaid 5 days a week for 2 years straight. Maybe the Wii U version will be the definitive version with features only us Wii fans can truly appreciate.

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Thats a good question. I just ordered a wii u version . I will follow up and let you know. Nathan.
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I just wrote a review on gamespot and (and gamefaqs if I can figure how to post it) which should be up within 24 hours.

Here are some gameplay videos:

 The summary of the review was: 

The campaign isn't bad, and if you enjoyed Goldeneye wii you'll probably enjoy it.
Challenge mode is fun to play just once, or over and over again to strive for perfection.
The local and online multiplayers have a lot of customisation options, and can be really great.
The two major flaws are the control system (lack of customisation and no wii remote support) and the small online player base.