I literally FELL out of the game

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So, as a Bond fan I was happy to get this game for Christmas due to the nostalgia factor, though I must say as a game, it leaves much to be desired. It leaves so much to be desired in fact, that when I was done planting the mines in the first LTK mission in the giant warehouse full of tanker trucks, I went through the vent and when I got to the next vent, all I saw was open sky and displaced objects. I went through the vent, thinking once I got to the other side the rest of the game would load around me, but it did not, so I moved off to the side where I thought I was supposed to land and then I fell out of the game. Yep. Fell OUT of the game and died. And then when I tried to reload, the game crashed.

Thought I'd share, I looked on the Internet to see if it was common, but no one has said anything about it! So enjoy a laugh at my and the game's expense.