User Rating: 6.5 | .hack//Mutation Part 2 PS2
.Hack: Mutation is a decent game. The gameplay is solid and the story is good. The sound is average. There are quality graphics, but the quality is wasted on repetitive in-game scenery. The best graphical moments involve the cinema cut scenes. What I don't like about the game, however, is that it is too plain. The bulk of the game consists of doing the same thing over and over, going into level after level of the same thing. Ultimately this game pulled off the rare feat of not being linear enough, giving the player too broad a range of same task objectives. Also the character items aren't very unique making this aspect of the game less fun. What RPG player doesn’t like going after special and ultimate items? Well there’s nothing special about the items in this game. Finally, another disappointment about this game is that it’s split over four installments. This means spending $200 new or $120 after they’ve all been out for awhile. Because there isn’t anything special about this title I’d say that all four parts combined isn’t worth more than $90 dollars. What happened to the good ol’ days of when you purchased a game you got the whole thing (all the discs), story and all, from start to finish? Examples of this would include: Final Fantasy VII and VIII. As far as I’m concerned just because most PS2 games fit on a single DVD, this doesn’t mean that developers can’t package more than one disc in a game. It makes me feel like I’m buying an incomplete product. .Hack: Mutation is the second of four installments. I also have the first game .Hack: Infection. I was disappointed to find that .Hack: Mutation is the exact same game as .Hack: Infection and that the only difference is that it expands on the plot of the first game. I wouldn’t recommend this game (or series) for anyone, hold for the most diehard of RPG players or .Hack fans. Needless to say I have not purchased .Hack: Outbreak or Quarantine.